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Meso-Needling is an innovative skin needling treatment developed by Mesoestetic Cosmeceuticals. It is a non-invasive transdermal serum delivery system designed to rejuvenate the skin and remedy of many common skin concerns.

When Meso-Needling nano pins gently touch the skin, they form up to 200,000 invisible nano channels. These nano channels in the skin are a direct line to deliver nourishing serums below the skin barrier to stimulate the regenerative processes and collagen production in the skin. Hence, Meso-Needling helps target pigmentation, ageing or scarring concern.

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What’s the difference between Meso-needling and traditional Microneedling?

Meso-needling uses the same advanced needling device as our standard micro-needling treatment; however a different stamping technique is used. This technique is crucial to the delivery of your chosen meso serum, which offers an additional layer of benefits on top of your standard needling treatment.

Is it painful?

The treatment is a less invasive, less downtime and more comfortable than traditional skin needling. You will feel a vibration and slight warm or prick sensation and emerge with a rejuvenated, hydrated, glowing skin immediately after the treatment!

Can I upgrade from Microneedling to Meso-Needling?

Yes, you can! Meso-needling is all about taking your microneedling results to the next level and ensuring that you are targeting your specific concerns. To upgrade, please contact us!

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